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        4. LZCK-55 Clamp Outdoor Waterproof Split Core Current Transformer

          PC cover outdoor IP65 Split core current transformer

          LZCK series outdoor waterproof current transformers are applicable for AC power system 35kV and measurement of current of power supply equipment below 10KV also can be used for microcomputer protection. This type of current transformer employs imported silicon steel which with high permeability as magnetic material, has the characteristics of Small magnetic circuit loss and can be split, its semicircular core and secondary windings employ high quality epoxy resin vacuum, casting in plastic-case(ABS or PC) which is flame retardance anti-moisture, stable performance, no maintenance.



          Technical parameters 
          Standards IEC60044-1; IEC 61869-2; NTC 2205; GB1208-2006; ANSI C57.13
          Accuracy Class 0.5S, 0.5%, 1%, 3%
          Range of primary rated current 100-1000A
          Range of Rated load ≤10VA
          Rated frequency 50/60Hz
          Rated secondary current 5A or 1A
          Rated short-time thermal current 40kA, 1S
          Rated continuous thermal current 150%I1n
          Secondary winding power frequency withstand voltage 3kV, 1min
          Safety Factor Rating (FS) <10
          Output signal 1A, 5A, 333mV, 1V or 5V(customized)
          Cable length 2.5m, 5m, 10m(customized)
          Flame retardant ABS plastic shell inside, jaw waterproof apron.
          Mechanical parameters 
          Aperture (mm) Φ55
          Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 180×138×52
          Weight (kg) 2
          Working conditions 
          Operating temperature -35°C to +65°C, not exceeding +40°C
          Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C
          Ingress Protection IP65
          Environment outdoors or indoors
          The Height of above sea level 0- 3000m
          Conditions No existence of severely begrimed, erosive and radioactive gas in the air. Continuous working under the rated current is allowed.

          Selection Guide

           Model Primary rated current Rated load Aperture (mm) Description (mm) Weight (kg) Material Water-proof
          LZCK-55 100-1500A ≤10VA φ55 180×138×52 2 PC  IP65
          LMCK185-10 300-3000A ≤25VA φ185 350×283×55 4.5 PC  IP65
          LZCK310-10 300-600A ≤10VA φ50 φ50 x φ110 x 32 1 Resin silicon case (option)
          LZCK322-10 30-600A ≤10VA φ50 φ50 x φ110 x 52 1.6 Resin silicon case (option)
          LZCK350-10 20-600A ≤25VA φ50 φ50 x φ110 x 105 3.1 Resin silicon case (option)
          LZCG530-10 30-600A ≤20VA φ45 φ45 x φ120 x 65 2.1 Resin silicon case (option)

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