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        4. TEST-330 Three phase relay protection microcomputer test system

          relay protection microcomputer test system

          Test-330 is a three phase current output and five phase voltage output relay tester with embedded host machine equipped with Complex Programmable Logic Device.



          • Three phase current output
          • Five phase voltage output
          • Accuracy class 0.2%
          • Embedded host machine equipped with Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD)
          • Eight-path synchronous D/A output in a single machine
          • High-accuracy linear power amplifier
          • Host machine integrated single cabinet structure with big LCD screen and complete interface has obtained appearance patent
          • Intelligent self-protection function
          • Plentiful Binary and powerful software function
          • Easily complete the ABB, Siemens, AREVA, Schneider, GE, SEL, VAMP, Toshiba, NR, Sifang and other foreign manufacturers of protective device test
          • Synchronous output of five-phase voltage and three-phase current, Max AC current output is 90A, Max AC voltage output is 260V


          • Three phase current output
          • Five phase voltage output
          • Accuracy class 0.2%

          Test item

          • U/I test
          • DC test
          • Impedance characteristics
          • Power direction test
          • I-T test
          • Differential relay
          • Harmonic test
          • Differential protection
          • Distance protection
          • Zero sequence protection
          • Setting group test
          • State sequence
          • Synchronization test
          • Special test
          • Oscillation test
          • Metering instrument
          • Hardware checkout
          • Low Voltage protection
          • Fault Recurrence


          Electrical parameters
          Power voltage AC220V±10% or AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz±10%
          Time measurement 0.1ms-999999.999s
          AC current output 
          Phase current output (effective value) 3 x 0-30A
          Maximum power output 260VA/phase
          Maximum parallel current output (effective value) 0-90A
          Long-term allowable working value of phase current
          (effective value)
          Allowable working time of maximum current  >11s
          Accuracy class  <±0.2% 
          AC voltage output 
          Phase voltage output (effective value) 5 x 0-130V
          Line voltage output (effective value) 0-260V
          Maximum power output 70VA/phase
          Accuracy class  <±0.2% 
          DC current output 
          Output range -10 to 10A or 3 x 0 to ±10A
          Maximum power output 200VA
          Accuracy class  <±0.2% 
          DC voltage output 
          Output range  0-300V or 5 x 0 to ±130V
          Maximum output power 130VA
          Accuracy class  <±0.2% 
          Binary input 
          Idle contact 1-20mA, 24V (DC)
          Electric potential contact 250V/0.5A (DC)
          Binary output 
          Idle contact  250V/0.5A (DC)
          Rated output 
          Frequency error <±0.01Hz
          Phase error    <±0.2°
          Waveform distortion <±0.3% (fundamental wave)
          Time error  <40µs
          Output frequency  0-1050Hz
          Superposed harmonic wave  0-21times
          Mechanical parameters 
          Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 360x195x375
          Weight (kg) 16.6
          Environmental conditions
          Use range 0°C to 45°C
          Storage range -25°C to 70°C

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