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        4. GF303 Program-controlled three phase standard power source

          standard power source

          GF303 Program-controlled Three-phase Standard Power Source is suitable for power department, measuring department, quality control department, research units, institutions of higher learning, electric energy meter, power distribution terminals, power supply management, load control, power quality, reactive power compensation device and the production of enterprise etc.



          • To set up and take the load regulation of voltage, current, phase angle, frequency and power factor, also can be used as AC current source, AC voltage source or power source.
          • To set 2-128 times of the amplitude and phase harmonics, and it can be added to the base wave in every harmonic output.
          • Frequency value is adjustable (AB and phase C).
          • Voltage, current output a wide range, big power, high stability, waveform distortion degree is small.
          • Strong with load ability, but it can take capacitive, sensibility, resistance of composite type load or load and load regulation is higher than 0.01%.
          • To apply the 32 bit MPU + DSP + FPGA, powerful flexible.
          • To use hardware PID, fast response, the change of load will not cause output volatility.
          • Industrial frequency waves as high as 50000 points a week of the wave kneading, signal output without filter, precise output waveform, the harmonic output precision, harmonic distortion degree is small.
          • Range switching automatically
          • To use software calibration, simple operation, stable and reliable.
          • To have big screen, 320 x 240 LCD display, Chinese or English interface, operating simply.
          • To have perfect over-current, over-voltage, heat, a shorts-and-opens, overload protection, failure detection automatically.
          • With RS232 interface, and PC connection
          • To take place machine software, it can be output through the PC software program.


          Electrical parameters 
          Accuracy class? 0.05%, 0.1%
          Power supply Single phase AC 85V-265V, 50/60 Hz
          AC Voltage output 
          Range (U1, U2, U3 phase) 57.7V/100V/220V/380V, switch automatically (max 420V)
          Adjustment resolution 0.01%, 0.1%, 1%, 10%,
          Accuracy 0.05% RG
          Stability 0.005% RG/1min
          Distortion degree better than 0.1% (not capacitive load)
          Load Capacity 25VA
          Full load regulation rate Less than 0.01% RG
          Full load regulation time Less than 1mS
          Temperature drift 8 PPM / °C
          Long-term stability 60 PPM/year
          AC Current output 
          Range (I1, I2, I3 phase) 0.1/0.25A/0.5A/1A/5A/10A/20A, switch automatically
          Adjustment resolution 0.01%, 0.1%, 1%, 10%,?
          Accuracy 0.05% RG
          Stability 0.005% RG/1min
          Distortion degree better than 0.1% (not capacitive load)
          Load capacity 25VA
          Full load regulation rate Less than 0.01% RG
          Full load regulation time Less than 1mS
          Temperature drift 8 PPM/°C
          Long-term stability 60 PPM/year
          Power output 
          Active power accuracy 0.05%
          Reactive power accuracy 0.1%
          Stability 0.005% RG/1min
          Range 0°-359.99°
          Adjustment resolution 0.01°, 0.1°, 1°, 10°
          Accuracy 0.03°
          Power factor?? 
          Adjusting range -1 to 0 to +1
          Resolution 0.0001
          Accuracy 0.0005
          Range 40-65Hz or 40-400Hz (option)
          Adjustment resolution 0.001Hz, 0.01Hz, 0.1Hz, 1Hz
          Accuracy 0.002Hz
          Temperature drift 0.5PPM/°C
          Long-term stability 4 PPM/year
          Harmonic times 2-128
          Adjustment resolution 0.1% (compared with fundamental wave)
          Harmonic content (compared with fundamental wave)
          Voltage ≤40%
          Current ≤40%
          Phase 0°-360°
          Capacitive load capacity 
          0 - 280 V 1uF?
          280 - 420 V 0.6uF
          Mechanical parameters 
          Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm) 450x380x160
          Weight (kg) 18
          Environmental conditions 
          Working temperature 0°C to 40°C
          Storage conditions -30°C to 60°C
          Relative humidity ≤85%

          Selection guide

          No. Accuracy Voltage range Current range Weight Remark
          3030601 0.10% 0-264V 0-6A 12KG 
          3030605 0.05% 0-264V 0-6A 12KG 
          3031201 0.10% 0-420V 0-12A 13.5KG 
          3031205 0.05% 0-420V 0-12A 13.5KG 
          3032001 0.10% 0-420V 0-20A 18KG 
          3032005 0.05% 0-420V 0-20A 18KG 
          303H0601 0.10% 0-300V 0-6A 15KG XP system
          303H0605 0.05% 0-300V 0-6A 15KG XP system
          303H1201 0.10% 0-420V 0-12A 18KG XP system
          303H1205 0.05% 0-420V 0-12A 18KG XP system
          303H2001 0.10% 0-420V 0-20A 20KG XP system
          303H2005 0.05% 0-420V 0-20A 20KG XP system

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