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        4. FU2200A Digital Ethernet power meter with data logger

          digital ethernet power meter

          FU2200A digital Ethernet power meter with data logger is a three-phase multifunction power and energy meter manufactured by GFUVE. It provides excellent value for monitoring power and energy management systems. It may be used as data gathering devices for intelligent power distribution or plant automation systems. All monitored data is available via a standard digital RS485 communication port, which is based on the Modbus RTU protocol.



          white and black color option of power meter FU2200B Back side of FU220B with Ethernet port
          FU2200A Ethernet power meter has the PC software and the data logger function, which can set by end users from 1min to 60min intervals to record. You can read the data through a PC. Also, you can share the data in the Internet LAN. By the way, it can measure the harmonics. Back of power meter FU2200A with Ethernet port as photo shows here.




          • True-RMS measuring parameters
          • ANSI and IEC 0.2 accuracy class
          • Power quality analysis
          • 4 quadrant energy
          • 2MB onboard memory, can be extended to 16M
          • Data logging
          • High-speed RS485, Ethernet port (option)
          • Measure individual harmonics from 2nd to 63st (option)
          • TOU, 4 Tariffs, 6 Seasons, 6 Schedules
          • Three years warranty
          • With PC management software; web browse data


          • Metering of distribution feeders, transformers, generators, capacitor banks and motors
          • Medium and low voltage systems
          • Commercial, industrial, utility
          • Power quality analysis
          • Data logging
          • Monitoring system


          Electrical parameters 
          Power Supply (AC/DC) AC85-400V / DC85-330V
          Power consumption: <4VA
          Measurement Parameters Voltage (Ph-N); Voltage (Ph-Ph); Current; Frequency; PF;
          Active Power(W); Reactive Power(Q); Apparent Power(S),
          2nd to 63st harmonics(option)
          Harmonics Total harmonics ratio of phase-voltage
          Total harmonics ratio of current
          2nd to 63st harmonics ratio of phase-voltage
          2nd to 63st harmonics ratio of current 
          Maximum Value & Minimum Value Voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power,demandP,demandQ, demandS.
          Computation Forward active power energy
          Reverse active power energy
          Forward active power energy
          Reverse reactive power energy
          Measuring Range 0-400V, 0-6A, 45-65Hz, -1 ~ 0 ~ 1
          Measuring Accuracy Voltage: 0.5%RD±0.05%FS
          Current: 0.5%RD±0.05%FS
          Active Power: 0.5%RD±0.05%FS
          Reactive Power: 1.5%RD +0.05%FS
          Apparent power: 0.5%RD +0.1%FS
          Power Factor: 0.5%RD
          Frequency: 0.05%RD
          Active Energy: 0.5%
          Maximum Demand Ia, Ib, Ic, ΣPtotal, ΣQtotal, ΣStotal, 15 minutes
          Display Blue back-lit LCD Display
          5 display figures
          4 operation keys
          Communication Support RS-485 interface port, 32 (128) Networking
          ModBus-TCP/IP SNMP communication protocol
          Ethernet 10/100M port (RJ45) 
          Memory 2M onboard memory,can be extended to 16M.
          Data looger interval can set by end users from 1min to 60min.The default is 15min.
          You can read the data through a PC, also you can select the data to diaplay and store from software.
          Programmable Measuring system: 3P4W/3P3W etc
          Transformation Ratio: PT 1-10000; CT 1-10000 
          Energy Pulse  Provides active & reactive energy pulse output
          Pulse parameters can be choosed
          Range: 0.1-10000kWh/kvarh
          Dry contact output (1Ax100V)
          Connection Mode 3P4W, 3P4W BAL, 3P3W, 3P3W BAL, 1P3W, 1P2W
          Baud Baud: 1200-57600, Standard 38400
          Mechanical parameters 
          Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 96 x 96 x 12.8
          Mounting Panel mounting
          Trepanning: 92x92mm
          The thickness of installation: 51mm
          Environmental conditions 
          Temperature -5 to +50 °C
          Humidity 20%-95%RH, without condensation
          Warranty Three years warranty


          Parameters Accuracy Resolution Measuring range Show on the display
          Voltage 0.20% 0.01V 0-400V 0.5-500kV
          Current 0.20% 0.01mA 0-6.5A 5mA-50000A
          Active power 0.50% 0.2W 0-2400W/phase  -9999MW to +9999MW
          Reactive power 2% 0.2var 0-2400var/phase  -9999Mvar to +9999Mvar
          Apparent power 0.50% 0.2VA 0-2400VA/phase 0-9999MVA
          Active demand 0.50% 0.2W 0-2400W/phase -9999MW to +9999MW
          Reactive demand 2% 0.2var 0-2400var/phase -9999Mvar to +9999Mvar
          Apparent demand 0.50% 0.2VA 0-2400VA/phase 0 to 9999MVA
          Power factor 0.005 0.0001 -2 -2
          Frequency 0.01Hz 0.01Hz 45.000-65.000Hz 45.000-65.000Hz
          Active energy 0.5%,0.2% (Option) 0.001kWh 0-999999.999kWh 0-99999999.9kWh
          Reactive energy 2% 0.001kvarh 0-999999.999kvarh 0-99999999.9kvarh
          Apparent energy 0.50% 0.001VAh 0-999999.999kVAh 0-99999999.9kVAh
          Phase angle 0.1° 0.01° 0-359.99° 0-359.99°
          Unbalance 2% 0.01% 0-300.00% 0-300.00%
          PT ratio   1   1-10000
          CT ratio   1   1-10000
          Address code   1   1-253

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