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        4. FU2001 Working condition monitoring system of pumping unit

          System composition

          • FU2001 4G wireless oil pumping unit working state monitor
          • Cloud Server.
          • Monitoring system software
          • Mobile APP software

          Functions and features

          • If the pumping unit is working or not, it can be automatically identified;
          • When the working state (moving or stationary) changes, it will be uploaded to the cloud immediately;
          • In the mobile terminal or PC terminal, the message that the working state of the pumping unit changes can be received;
          • In the mobile terminal or PC terminal, the working status of each pumping unit can be inquired;
          • Battery power supply, working time is not less than 5 years; when battery life is about to expire, it can automatically remind maintenance and replacement;
          • Strong magnetic suction installation mode, directly adsorbed on the beam of the pumping unit;
          • IP66 protection grade, outdoor use;
          • Working temperature range: - 30 ~ + 80 ℃;
          • 4G wireless communication mode is adopted;
          • Support cloud service mode;
          • It is convenient for maintenance personnel on site;
          • The fault is sent to the mobile terminal in real time.

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