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        4. T-3630 5KV 10KV 15KV High voltage insulation resistance tester

          10KV  insulation resistance tester

          The model T-3630 High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester also known as megohmmeter, high voltage insulation resistance tester, etc., for the insulation resistance test. The instrument has a large LCD screen gray backlight display, data storage, data access, alarm, automatic shutdown and other functions. At the same time, it also has the function of measuring DC voltage, AC voltage, absorption ratio and polarization index of DC voltage. The electrical test equipment is beautiful and upscale, has a wide range, high resolution, convenient operation, easy to carry, accurate, reliable, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability.



          • Accuracy 3%
          • 0-50TΩ
          • DC voltage 0-1000V
          • AC voltage 0-750V
          • 250V, 500V, 1KV, 2.5KV, 5kV, 10KV, 15KV
          • 10nf-50uf Capacitance measurement
          • 100pA-6mA DC current measurement


          • Insulation resistance test
          • Voltage test
          • DC current test
          • Capacitance test
          • User friendly menu guided operation
          • With rechargeable battery
          • With PC software


          Electrical parameters
          Function Insulation resistance test, voltage test, DC current test, capacitance test
          Accuracy 3%
          Power Supply 12V rechargeable battery
          Rated voltage range 100v, 250V, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10KV, 15KV
          Insulation resistance range 0.01MΩ~50TΩ
          Resolution 0.01MΩ
          DC Test Voltage Range 0~1000V; Resolution: 0.1V
          AC Test Voltage Range 0~750V; Resolution: 0.1V
          DC Current 0.1nA~6mA; Resolution: 0.1nA
          Capacitance 10nF~50uF; Resolution: 10nF
          Output short-circuit Current ≥6mA
          Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index Measurement Yes
          Backlight Yes
          LCD display 108mm×65mm, 4-bit LCD display, gray screen backlight
          Communication USB Port
          Data Storage 500 GROUPS
          Alarm Function Yes
          Power Consumption Standby: 30mA Max(backlight off), Turn on backlight: 42mA Max, Measure:300mA Max(backlight off)
          Insulation Resistance ≥50MΩ (500V between circuit and shell)
          Withstand voltage AC3kV/50Hz 1min (between circuit and housing)
          Standard IEC61010-1, IEC1010-2-31, IEC61557-1,5, IEC60529(IP54), pollution grade 2, CAT?Ⅲ?300V
          Mechanical parameters
          Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 240x188x85
          Weight (kg) 2.75
          Environmental conditions
          Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
          Storage temperature -20°C to 70°C
          Relative humidity <90%RH

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