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        4. T500HVD Non-contact AC high voltage detector with hot stick

          Non-contact high voltage detector

          The Model T500HVD is designed to detect the presence of high voltage without physical contact. An eight position rotary switch selects the detection range. As the sensor is moved closer to the voltage carrying conductor, its sensor head picks up the radiated electric field. Once the range threshold is reached. the buzzer sounds and a bright red warning light warns the operator of live conductors.The Model T500HVD is powered by three standard 9V cell batteries and can be used both in and out-of-doors. A universal spline on the back-end facilitates attachment to any standard hot stick. A self-test position ensures that all circuitry and indicators are working properly before use.



          • Non-contact detection of live voltages
          • Check and detect live high voltage cables
          • Find faults in cables
          • Check grounding equipment
          • Service neon lighting
          • Trace live wires
          • Check high frequency radiation
          • Detect residual or induced voltages


          • Works on unshielded cables only
          • Wide range of detection; finds 80V to 550kv;one instrument fits all applications
          • Eight switch selectable voltage sensitivity ranges
          • Lightweight, minimizes sway at the end of long hot sticks
          • Audible and visual indication of live voltage
          • Self-test position ensures that all system functions and indicators are working properly by energizing the complete system
          • Designed for use with hot sticks incorporating a shotgun adapter
          • With flashlight function
          • Powered by 9V cell batteries


          Electrical parameters
          Detection Frequency 40-70Hz
          Ranges 380V, 6kV, 10kV, 27.5kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV, 500kV
          Detection Selection range is detected at approximately 20cm from the voltage, Greater detection distances can be obtained at lower voltage positions; detected only 5cm in 380V.
          Power Source 9V cell batteries(6F22)
          Self Test User selectable
          Indicators Bright red LED and audible buzzer
          Flashlight Yes
          Sealing class IP65
          Consumption Max:65mA
          Standard EN 61326-1 CISPR 11
          EN 61000-4-2 EN 61000-4-3
          EN 61000-4-8
          Mechanical parameters
          Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 115x115x169
          Weight (g) 365(with battery)
          Environmental conditions
          Operating temperature -15°C to 55°C
          Storage temperature -20°C to 65°C
          Relative humidity 0%-95% RH

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